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EU Charter of Fundamental Rights European Commission.
EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on EUR-Lex, the official website of EU law. Application of the charter. Fundamental rights in the EU legislative process, the role of the Fundamental Rights Agency, and annual reports on the application of the Charter.
CHARTER meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a formal statement of the rights of a country's' people, or of an organization or a particular social group, that is agreed by or demanded from a ruler or government.: a charter of rights. Education is one of the basic human rights written into the United Nations Charter.
Charter Wikipedia.
A charter of Inspeximus" Latin, literally We" have inspected" is frequently a royal charter, by which an earlier charter or series of charters relating to a particular foundation such as a monastery or a guild was recited and incorporated into a new charter, usually in order to confirm and renew its validity under present authority.
charter Wiktionary.
a charter flight. a charter plane. a charter pilot. Further reading edit. charter in Trésor de la langue française informatisé The Digitized Treasury of the French Language. Borrowed from English charter. charter m invariable. Charter plane or flight. Borrowed from English charter.
Charter Definition of Charter by Merriam-Webster.
of, relating to, or being a travel arrangement in which transportation such as a bus or plane is hired by and for one specific group of people a charter flight. Other Words from charter Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about charter.

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