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Charles de Gaulle: The Last Romantic The Atlantic. The Atlantic.
Only in the foreign, and particularly European, fieldand this is the one area of government in which De Gaulle is truly interestedhas the General given France's' policy a personal impulse, direction, and steadfastness of purpose worthy of a Clemenceau or a Richelieu.
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Paradoxically, de Gaulle desired to be part of the Western alliance and be critical of it at the same time on key issues such as defense" 3 Most notably, de Gaulle withdrew France from North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO military operations in 1966, and directed non-French NATO troops to leave France, although France remained a NATO member.
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At the Casablanca Conference 1943, Roosevelt forced de Gaulle to cooperate with Giraud, but de Gaulle was considered as the undisputed leader of the Resistance by the French people and Giraud was progressively deprived of his political and military roles.
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See Article History. Alternative Title: Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle. Charles de Gaulle, in full Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle, born November 22, 1890, Lille, Francedied November 9, 1970, Colombey-les-deux-Églises, French soldier, writer, statesman, and architect of Frances Fifth Republic.
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Charles de Gaulle 1890 1970. Charles de Gaulle De Gaulle was a French general and statesman, leader of the Free French during World War Two and the architect of the Fifth Republic. His political ideology, Gaullism, has become a major influence in French politics.

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